We offer solutions which allow creating and strengthening communication channels among our clients and their targets as well as how to define the best messages and media to pass them.

Our services are concentrated on three areas:

External communication
To be known!
Internal communication
To strengthen you team!
To be different and original!

External communication


To be known!

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Corporate communication

At Ecofirma we know that one of the main values of a company is its reputation and we work to reinforce the image of the companies which work with us. We develop strategies, plan campaigns and define solid messages directed at opinion leaders.

How? Through the media and through strategic actions with associations, public organizations, institutions among others that help us to position our message on the target audiences:

  • Search speaker opportunities
  • Preparing FAQs and speeches
  • Image audits
  • Advisory and definition of a communication plan
  • Relations with stakeholders
  • Organization of corporate events
  • Awards and sponsorships

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